Treasure Horse Slot Machine

The theme for the Treasure Horse slot game is Chinese lucky charms, including an amazing golden horse – the treasure horse! In this game, the treasure horse with its golden yuanbaos is a scatter symbol.

Treasure Horse Slot Machine

The horse is a powerful and prominent character in Chinese mythology, and it is one of the twelve animals that have given name to a year the 12-year cycle of the Chinese calender. Depictions of the Treasure Horse carrying golden yuanbaos (a type of ingot) is a strong symbol for prosperity and wealth, as yuanbaos made from gold or silver were used as currency in ancient China. Also, owning a horse was considered a luxury, since the ox was the animal of choice for agricultural work and the horse represented high-speed travel.

Other examples of symbols that can show up on the reels when you play the slot Treasure Horse are lucky bamboo, 88, Yansheng coins, and the red coin purse.

The Treasure Horse slot game is filled with exciting special features, such as a free spins round, additional multiplier wheel (up to 6x), and stacked symbols (including stacked wilds). You can win up to 6,000 times your stake.

Game developer

Pragmatic Play. You can play games from Pragmatic in BGO and a numer of other online casinos.


The reels are set in a beautiful mountain landscape, flanked by Chinese pagodas. As you play, you can hear traditional Chinese music and the thundering sound of a powerful waterfall.


Treasure Horse is available for desktop and mobile devices.

Reels & Paylines

The Treasure Horse slot only has three regular reels, and each reel only display three symbols at the time. (However, an extra reel will be utilized during the free spins round. You can read more about this below.)

There are 18 fixed ways to win.


Smallest possible wager is 18 coins (1 coin x 18) and the largest possible wager is 90 coins (5 coins x 18).


Autoplay is available for up to 100 consecutive spins. For extra safety, you can set a loss limit at which autoplay will stop automatically.

Treasure Horse

Free spins

You need one scatter on each of the three reels to trigger the free spins round. You get 8 free spins, and during free spins, an additional reel will come into play, containing win multipliers from 2x to 6x. The multiplier reel will spin along with the standard reels to decide the applicable multiplier for each individual free spin.

Anytime a Treasure Horse appears on any reel during free spins, it will give you one additional free spin. There is no upper limit for how many times this can happen, so you can end up with a lot of free spins if luck is on your side. Some players have reported 50+ free spins, but such extravagant numbers are highly unusual. However, getting a total of around 15-20 free spins instead of just the initial 8 ones seems to be quite common.


The RTP is 96.52 percent.